THE WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES is a podcast mini-series I created back in 2011. This sonic tale portrays a non-linear account of the short story 'Venus Smiles'. Written by J. G. Ballard, this is a compelling text in which an eerie and misunderstood sonic structure is unveiled to the quiet town of Vermillion Sands as a celebration of local art. Shunned by it's audience, the hideous, metallic being begins to somehow grow uncontrollably into an unstoppable audio-monster.

Split up into seven episodes, the listener can experience various elements, which contribute to the story, in any order they like. These instalments do not follow a chronological set of durations, instead they focus on different features. Some episodes depict views from of a character's perspective, some depict a location, some depict a scene; details on each episode can be found in their description. Due to this, it is urged that the listener takes different 'routes' through the series, that is, listens to the episodes in as many permutations as they see fit. Using a shuffle option would be one way to achieve this. Although the series is presented in a set order, this is only one suggested 'route'.