I do composition and sound design for a range of mediums. 

I do other stuff too, like audio production, music editing for film, foley recording, audio programming, game audio, software design, digital signal processing, digital signal analysis. 

This site contains a small collection of my prior work. Projects that I am able to document digitally.

I currently live in New York where I teach Music Technology at NYU and work for Dots gaming studio. I'm available for a limited amount of freelance work; head to the CONTACT page for details.

I played in a band for years; this was my 'day job' for some time. I've also done a lot of that education stuff:

Master of Music (Music Technology) - NYU 2016

Master of Science (Sound Design) - University of Edinburgh 2011

Bachelor of Music - University of Edinburgh 2009


Of the elements presented on this site, composition is the most natural to me. From as early as i can remember i've made music from anything: instruments, computers, toys, electronics, my hands and the objects they pick up. At earlier ages my focus was on band music - an ambition that led to 5 successful years singing / playing guitar for a band that released two albums, touring in Europe and america. In more recent years i've shifted towards music for film, television, and videogames. I pride myself on versatility. No longer being tied to a single band aesthetic allows me to experiment with new styles every week, using whatever tools work best in achieving the goal. Whether someone uses Pro Tools or Ableton or can play piano or can identify the Dorian mode does not matter. A good composer can make music from anything. 


Sound design is enjoyable to me. It's where I really get to 'play' with sound. Having cut my teeth during my sound design master's at the University of Edinburgh, I've since applied this skill to all elements of my work. My music with Tango In The Attic adopted a sound design approach, embracing the ubiquity of electronic instruments in live performance. My work for film, promotional videos, webisodes and games has benefitted greatly from my sound design experience. I feel like 'sound design' is a very broad term, and my work reflects this, from corporate animations to dialog editing for fashion videos. To be able to design sound, you must be comfortable with the science of sound, from audio waveforms to digital signal processing. Such knowledge has been drilled into me over the course of my three degrees, and now I teach this very science to students at NYU.