I created this installation to use with my band. We would run it during live shows, while we were setting up / before we started playing.

Designed in Max, the patch plays a series of overlapping drone-like samples. By clicking on any of the yellow balls, you can activate a 'one-shot' sound, which will play intermittently. You can control how often the one-shot clips play as well as how quickly one drone fades to another. You can also control the volumes for every element of the sound scape.

The patch uses a camera input (I used my webcam for this example video). The camera feed blends with pre-recorded footage. The visual effects are triggered by the audio, but a lot of the audio is triggered by camera input... so it's a nice little feedback circle.

This video is a pretty lame example I made in my apartment quickly. It's much cooler at a show. I've also used it in other spaces, such as gallery events. You can leave the installation running for hours and it never sounds overly repetitive.   

Oh, and all the sound comes from a single my band released called Crush. The installation was made for the single release show.